If we don't have it...you don´t need it!

When Vota does not have the seal in stock, no one has! We can say with pride, our customers often describe us as such.

From our extensive stock of hydraulic, pneumatic and other seals, we can offer you the shortest delivery times, any time, anywhere, any seal.


Our range of seals:

Acla, Advanced Products, Akron, Angst & Pfister Hitec Normatec, Arefco, Artic Seals, Aston Seals, Balseal, Busak - Shamban, CFW, Claron, Corteco, CR Chicago Rawhide, Dichtomatik, DLI, Domsel, Dowty seal - bonded seal, Dupont, DZ Ding Zing Seals, Ebele, Economos Seal Jet, Elring, Eriks, Evco, Forsheda, Freudenberg Simrit CFW, Furon Saint Gobain, Gaco IND, Gapi, Garlock, Goetze, Green Tweed, Guarnimac, Guarnitec, Hallite, Hecker, Hegetu, Hercules, Hirschmann, Hunger Dichtungen DFE, James Walker, JM Clipper, Kaco, Kastas, Kimman, KNORR-BREMSE, KOK, KTT, Macma, Merkel, MFC, NAK, National, NOK, Nordex, Parker Hannifin, Parker Pdf, Parker Prädifa, Polilas, Polypac, Polyseal, Profiltra, Rada, Sakagami, Sealparts, Sealtech, Sikkufit, Simrit, Skega, SKF, Snijders, SOG, Stefa, Techniparts, Trelleborg Busak - Shamban, Utex, Victor Reinz, Vota, Votaseals, Weber.