The DPSA compact piston seal series type is designed with a central polyurethane element and two side anti extrusion rings.The assembling between the polyurethane element with high elastic modulus and the two elastomer rings with high hardness enhances stability of the sealing even at heavy duty applications.
Compared to rubber, the abrasion is also reduced due to the use of polyurethane, therefore extending the life of the seal. The friction (first operation and in working condition) is also considerably reduced, due to geometric shape of the seal, having better performance than NBR. TSP nbr/pom Is usually used for a dynamic o ring groove

Technical data:
Pressure: from 0 to 400 bar
Speed: < 0.8 m/s
Temperature: from – 30° C to + 100 ° C with peaks up to + 110° C
Fluids: mineral oils

The materials used for the construction of this type of seal are:
• polyurethane for the central element, hardness
  93 Shore A
• glass-filled polyacetal resin (POM) for the antiextrusion rings.

This seal can be assembled both in closed groove on a mono-block piston and (VOTA Seals suggestion) in open groove on a two-part piston. Avoid machining scores on the piston which may damage the sealing during the installation.
The use of grease in the piston is recommended for easier assembling.

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# Vota code Name Application Material Pressure
Temperature °C Sliding Speed (m/s)
zuiger-afdichting/dpsa DPSA DPSA (DOUBLE ACTION PISTONSEAL) PISTON NBR-POM 350 -35°C +100°C 1.0
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