CH E4 is a single-acting chevron-set which consists of a cotton-reinforced pressure ring (BP), with reinforced cotton V-rings (VR) and a thermoplastic support ring (AT).


  • Adjustable seal housing height due to the reason of being usedin open grooves.
  • Functions even with poor surfaces
  • Robust seal
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Long service life
  • Able to work until the maintenance of continuity systemsbecause of the adjustable housing
  • Very good sealing performance both in high and low pressures


Used especially in hard working conditions such as iron and steel industry , mining equipment , marine hydraulics , scrap cutters and special cylinders where the actual conditions are difficult to predict.



For mounting in the housing, the groove must have a space 7.5% above the level of the Stacking. If the Stacking is used in a closed housing, separate parts in an angle of 45 ° are to be cut. When mounting jump with an angle of 75 °. At very high pressures, the flexibility of the seal may be set significantly reduced. This could cause excessive friction and wear and vibrate at low pressures. If'm assembly tools are used the mounting area should not have any sharp edges. Before mounting the CH E4, part by part to be lubricated with oil system.

NOTES: for special applications that require high temperatures , our seal set is being manufactured in the following configuration , reinforced cotton fabric with FPM for header and middle rings and special mixture of PTFE backup ring. Permissible sealing gap S value should not be above 0.15 mm. For inner diameters above 200 mm , all the middle rings are being produced from reinforced cotton fabric with NBR material. Additional middle rings can be used depending on the application.



MEDIA Mineral oils(DIN 51524)  HFA and HFB HFC
TEMPERATURE -30°C +105°C +5°C +60°C -30°C +60°C
PRESSURE ≤400 Bar ≤400 Bar ≤400 Bar
SPEED ≤0.5 m/sn ≤0.5 m/sn ≤0.5 m/sn

Note: The above data are maximum values and cannot be used at the same time.

Sliding Surface ØD-Ød ≤0.4 μm ≤3.2 μm
Groove Base ØDb-Ødp ≤1.6 μm ≤6.3 μm
Groove Flanks B ≤3.2 μm ≤16 μm

Note: It is recommended to have 50% to 90% of the working surface material contact area value.












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# Vota code Name Application Material Pressure
Temperature °C Sliding Speed (m/s)
stang-afdichting/ch-e4 CH E4 CH E4 (CHEVRON SET) STANG/ZUIGER FABRIC-NBR-POM 400 -30°C +105°C 0.5
UHMWPE 250 -30°C +100 °C 1.0
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