WYCLIP is a single acting wiper designed to remove more tenacious mud and ice from a reciprocating rod during the negative stroke. The wiper is designed with an outside sealing lip providing positive sealing on the housing thus preventing dirt and moisture from entering the system around the outside of the wiper, avoiding wear and damage to all the internal components including seals


  • It is classified as a heavy duty scraper ( ice scraper)
  • The materials high modulus (stiffness) allow it to aggressively scrape larger debris from the rod.
  • Simple , easy-construction groove
  • No twisting in the housing
  • Design in a way that the wiping lip contacts with the rod surface to remove heavily deposited mud , ice , etc so that the particles do not enter into the cylinder
  • Outside diameter contacts the housing and has a sealing lip to prevent moisture entering the groove


Especially used in heavy construction machinery that operate in the open field , telescopic cylinders , cranes , mining equipment and loading platforms.


The WYCLIP is designed to snap fit into its housing. For the seal to function corrctly,  It is important that care be taken in fitting the seal within its housing. Before installation the wiper must be oiled with system oil.

WYCLIP wipers are single action and can be used with combination of all rod sealing elements



MEDIA Mineral oil (DIN 51524) HFA and HFB HFC
TEMPERATURE -40ºC/+120ºC +5ºC/+60ºC -30ºC/+60ºC
SPEED ≤ 5.0 m/s ≤ 5.0 m/s ≤ 5.0 m/s

Note: The above data are maximum values and cannot be used at the same time.

Sliding Surface  Ød ≤0.4 μm ≤3.2 μm
Groove Base ØD ≤1.6 μm ≤10 μm
Groove Flanks S1 ≤3.2 μm ≤16 μm

Note: It is recommended to have 50% to 90% of the working surface material contact area value.

For surface finish and recommended lead in chamfers also for housing dimensions and machining tolerances refer to the illustration below.



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# Vota code Name Application Material Pressure
Temperature °C Sliding Speed (m/s)
hydraulic-seals-rod-wiper/wyclip-hydraulic WYCLIP HYDRAULIC WYCLIP/WIPER HYDRAULIC WNM ROD/AXLE NYLON PA -35°C +100°C 0.8
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