Rotary shaft seal with an elastomer outer sheath and a metal insert as well as two supporting springs, back-to-back sealing lips. The B1-DUO design is provided with a metal outer surface


  • Product group: Rotary shaft seal
  • Design: BA-DUO = outer surface rubber-coated
  • Model: DUO = spring-energised sealing lips facing outwards
  • Seal material: NBR 70
  • Colour: black
  • Stiffening ring: non-alloy steel according to DIN EN 10139
  • Tension spring: non-alloy spring steel according to DIN EN 10270-1


Sealing of rotating machine elements such as shafts, hubs and axles. Particularly for the separation of two media or extreme dirt accumulation from the outside.


The BA-DUO rotary shaft seal is used for the separation of two media or extreme dirt accumulation from the outside for rotating or pivoting shafts.

The BA-DUO is a double-action rotary shaft ring for rotating or pivoting shafts. The elastomer outer sheath provides good static sealing, good thermal expansion balance e.g. in light-metal housings, better sealing with greater roughness and secure sealing for split housings as well as good static sealing with thin fluid or gaseous media.

Tight and accurate fitting is achieved by the metal outer casing. The B1-DUO model has limited sealing action with thin fluid or gaseous media and in split housings. To guarantee high static sealing on the outer surface, better surface treatment of the housing bore is necessary or an additional coat of paint should be applied to the outer casing.


Good chemical resistance to many mineral oils and greases.


Operational application limits
Pressure ≤ 0.03/0.3 (Mpa/bar)
Temperature -40°C to +100°C
Peripheral speed ≤ 6 (m/s)



Suitable tools should be used for installation.It is recommended: that the oil seal is axially supported in the housing The space between the sealing lips must be 2/3 filled with grease.



The nominal widths Mentioned on the Following pages represent standard dimensions the. They are Generally in stock or can be delivered at short notice. Other dimensions and different designs, springs or metal inserts made of other steel grades can be produced as well some special designs. Minimum quantities may be obligatory for dimensions outside of the standard. The BA-DUO / DUO-B1 models can therefore be produced in fluoro rubber (FPM).

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# Vota code Name Application Material Pressure
Temperature °C Sliding Speed (m/s)
oliekeerring-cassette-combi-mss-seals/ba-duo BA-DUO BA-DUO (OLIEKEERRING) ROD/AXLE NBR-STAAL 0.5 -40°C +100°C 1.0
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