The MSS NO 1 is a standard oilseal with dustlip as basic module combined with an inner buffer seal with sine wave-shaped sealing lip as one-priece solution. e.g. for drive technology applications. A proven type with high resistance to soiling and metal abrasion in the oil chamber. Please note: 0.5 bar only until 0.05 MPa.


  1. Broad range of applications, for example in industrial gearboxes.
  2. Reliable sealing of the housing bore, even with increased roughness of the bore, thermal expansion and split housings, thus a sealing of low viscosity and gaseous media is also possible.
  3. Very long service life and reliability, especially when subject to strong external dirt and or contaminination (metal abrasion, cast sand) of the lubricant.
  4. Optimal for vertical unit application.
  5. Very narrow axial design.
  6. Reliable sealing of the housing bore etc.




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# Vota code Name Application Material Pressure
Temperature °C Sliding Speed (m/s)
oliekeerring-cassette-combi-mss-seals/mss-nbr-no-1 MSS NBR NO 1 MSS NBR NO 1 ROD/AXLE NBR-STAAL 0.5 -25°C +100 °C 6.0
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