The V-ring type ACLA seal has been conceived to protect joints, broze bushes, flanges and all the mechanical parts in rotation or semi-rotations., made of polyurethane, having a low permanent deformation, it prevents water mud and other impuruties penetration. The wide range of diameters helps the Manufacturer selection.


We recommend to lubricate the metal parts where the seal will be installed with mineral grease.It is important to remove flashes or cutting edges otherwise they will reduce the sealing performance.



Pressure : It is not a tradiitional seal, the working pressure is therefore the one resulting from keeping the grease within the system.

Temperature : from -35 C to + 90 C

Fluid: mineral oil and grease, non-aggressive gas.


Standard polyurethane at 90 sh

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# Vota code Name Application Material Pressure
Temperature °C Sliding Speed (m/s)
v-ring-type-acla/v-ring V-RING V-RING TYPE ACLA STATIC PU 90SH -30°C +100°C
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